Pearls of Wisdom

There is a multitude of things that inspired this Pearls of Wisdom series of art. Primarily it all comes down to the pearl necklace. Pearls represent wisdom, experience, upper class, and rarity, and some say it represents the search for who we really are and what is our purpose in life. Then there is the colloquial phrase about clutching her pearls in offense, only those who clutch their pearls do not even comprehend the sexual innuendo of a pearl necklace. The paradox of pearls intrigues me in a world of canceled culture and the increased censorship that occurs.

A Painted Woman

Pearls are formed from a tiny piece of sand. A small irritant that can go unnoticed for years, and gradually a coating is formed around that piece of sand to smooth out all the rough edges until it becomes a luminous, slightly blemished, and not a perfectly round gem that never goes out of style. After a couple of years of self-introspection, I saw the woman I used to be (She had been swallowed up by Little Debbie cosmic brownies).  I love this series of work and there will be more. Because just like a pearl, there is beauty in us all, it simply takes a while to build up and appreciate it.


Be A Know It All

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