Dragon Series

October 2019 was the first time I participated in Jake Parkers'  Inktober™.  The word "dragon" was a prompt word for Day 12 and just the thought of drawing a dragon terrified me, but I was determined to complete the challenge.  When faced with a subject that I am uncertain about I stick with my mantra, "Keep it simple." Georgina the Dragon was born that day and she still gives me inspiration. Creating this children's dragon art has become an exercise at feeding my inner child artist. 

Holiday Dragon

Georgina the Dragon soon became a favorite amongst friends and a holiday gift in a visual story was created in 2019. With a little help from her friends, Georgina's dreams of flying like the other dragons came true....for a little while on Christmas Eve. Dreams do come true even in children's dragon art.


2020....Pandemic....Need I say more?

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