Illustrated Breath
My interpretation of the Beatles song, "Hey Jude".

The Curse of Being Nice

In today’s world in order for a woman to achieve success the label “Too Nice” is the hemlock in her cup of caffeine each morning.


A Few Minutes More

Star Light, Star Bright


Seeing Things Differently

“…the truly wise person is color-blind.” ~ Albert Schweitzer


Speak No Evil, Draw No Evil

When does being considerate of others become censorship of self?

All by Myself-

Of Course Photography is Art

If it inspires, then it is art.

Yes. I have another job.

I have often felt that the art world does not consider artists who must work a second, third, or fourth job as a serious, professional artist.  I have been a REALTOR since 2002 and an artist all my life, but I still have bills that must be paid and a family to feed, so yes, I have another job. 

Addressing the Fear

“It’s so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas.” ~ Paul Cezanne Fear is the one thing that can stop any progress from being made. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of change. Fear of the unknown. As an artist I struggle with fear constantly, however fear is …

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