About The Artist

I am a freelance illustrator located south of St. Louis, Missouri, specializing in portraiture, figurative art, and visual storytelling. I am drawn to bold, vibrant colors and use them to bring depth and emotion to my compositions. I enjoy exploring various styles and techniques in my art and exploring new ways to push the boundaries of traditional illustration. Illustrations have the power to solve problems and communicate complex ideas and concepts in a way that words alone cannot. Whether working on a book cover, a series of illustrations, or artwork for the entertainment industry, my primary focus is creating thought-provoking, relevant, and impactful artwork.

I enjoy collaborating with others as it always leads to exciting new projects, so please get in touch! 



Melissa Whitaker About the Artist
About the Artist
What's on the other side?

"It's time to stop cowering in the shadows and live a vibrant life. Through my artwork, I aim to show that fear is an illusion created from the outside, but hope is an internal light that can break through the fear and become something tangible that somebody can hold. I create a story of light in a dark and fearful world with a vibrant palette juxtaposed with a somber noir tone."


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